the joy of hardships

I strongly believe that it is good for your body and soul to expose yourself to hardships. Within reason that is.

Allow yourself to freeze once in a while. Work hard. Maybe theres no panic if the dinner waits a couple of hours. Push yourself just a little bit. Maybe thats one of the reasons why I love winter so much? The cold. The particles of ice and snow whipping your exposed skin as your walking through a winter storm.

Also, winter lets us know the humans are not always in control. We can’t take anything for granted when we’re out and about, we can just adapt to the conditions and love ever second of it.

Lovely video from Protect Our Winter right here.

finally winter

This week winter arrived in Stockholm. Wednesday was Massive-dump Day and as always everything just came to a sudden stop. Traffic. Public transports. So I decided to go ahead and get on my good ‘ol sturdy three-gear bike. One of my favorite things actually; a supersweet blue Crescent I ride almost everyday all year. Kitted with snow tires it’s actually not that hard to work your way through pow or slush.

Morning traffic was alright. After work I did 90 minutes of Bikram yoga, then back on the bike for the ride home through the post-apocalyptic Stockholm all covered in crispy white pow. Good day.